awesome stuff week
Google has a new experimental ad unit that lets people buy anything they see in a video, turning YouTube into a shopping network. Google asked us to introduce this unit to the world in a shareable and organic way.

We looked at YouTube and realized that tens of millions of people every single day are watching videos that feature products, front and center—unboxing videos, haul videos and review videos. So we created something called Awesome Stuff Week, week-long celebrations of products on YouTube, featuring dozens of famous YouTubers posting videos about their favorite stuff. It went something like this:
Awesome Stuff Week teaser:

We launched Awesome Stuff Week with a series called How Awesome Is This?, a tongue-in-cheek appraisal show that features famous YouTubers bringing gadgets and fashions to an “Awesomeness Appraiser” to answer the titular question. The videos served as a great way to show the world the new ad unit without mentioning it directly.
Brad Hall and the Under Armour Curry Two sneakers:

Lewis from Unbox Therapy and the Nest Cam:

iJustine and the DJI Phantom 3 drone:

Kevin of Vsauce2 and the ACTON R6 RocketSkates:

The How Awesome Is This? teaser:

The first two Awesome Stuff Week campaigns focused on fashion and gadgets respectively and featured a cast of dozens, ranging from Lewis of Unbox Therapy (a.k.a. the guy who proved that the iPhone 6 was easily bendable) to fashion icon Gigi Gorgeous. Here are links to playlists from both weeks:
Awesome Stuff Week—Gadgets

Awesome Stuff Week—Fashion

In total, the two-week campaign got just under 10 million views across dozens of videos (most of them unpaid). Out of the over 4,000 online mentions of Awesome Stuff Week, 76% were positive and 24% were neutral, according to our sentiment measuring tool.

Google, delighted with the results, has continued to develop the campaign and recruited dozens of new YouTubers for a holiday-themed week.