Under Armour: Will Beats Noise

  • A month after the successful launch of the “I Will What I Want” campaign featuring Misty Copeland, Droga5 launched the second phase of the campaign, this time featuring supermodel, Gisele Bündchen.

    D5 announced what appeared to be an unlikely partnership of Under Armour signing Gisele with a teaser film and press release. Gisele Bundchen’s profile means she lives under the microscope, amongst the noise of contradicting opinions.

    The reveal was a film of Gisele in a raw workout, while real social comments, from both haters and supporters in response to the signing of Gisele to Under Armour just two days earlier, invade her space. Gisele remains focused, willing what she wants. This led to an innovative web experience with social commentary streaming in from all over the web in real time. The interactive film on the site is the centerpiece featuring Gisele working out and ignoring the comments, proving Will Beats Noise.

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