Honey Maid: This is Wholesome

  • Just as the Honey Maid brand has evolved and taken new shape over the past 90 years, so too has the makeup of family itself. More moms work and more dads stay at home. More kids are brought up by single parents, grandparents, two moms or two dads. And the way families operate, behave and spend time together has changed. But what hasn’t changed is the special wholesome connection between parents and children in all families. So in 2014, Honey Maid and Droga5 launched a campaign to celebrate the diversity of all wholesome families. A series of intimate portraits broadcast on television and online brought real stories to life to show the world what wholesome looks like.

  • Documentaries

  • #NotBroken

  • In September 2014, Droga5 worked with Honey Maid to draw attention to a common family structure that is rarely talked about, blended families. We created a short documentary film about a real family in California, telling their story and how the divorce affected, but didn’t break, their family. We then encouraged viewers of this film to share their love for blended families with #NotBroken on Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.

    The response was overwhelming – so we created an installation to show the support. We hung two keys to represent the two homes of blended families, 2017 sets of keys total. We wanted to show blended families everywhere that their efforts are noticed and that if there is love, a family is not broken.


  • 4 de julio

  • To celebrate the Fourth of July, Honey Maid wanted to continue the “This is Wholesome” campaign and showcase the love of an immigrant family. We created a short documentary film about a real family from the Dominican Republic, showing the sacrifices they make and the struggles they face in their pursuit of the American dream. We created both long-form and cut-down videos, which were supported on Facebook and Twitter, as well as hosted on YouTube. The 30-second version of this story also ran on TV–just in time for the July Fourth holiday.

  • Acceptance

  • Honey Maid supports and celebrates wholesome families of all kinds. With the rapidly increasing number of nontraditional families in today’s world, Honey Maid believes acceptance is key for love and wholesomeness. To bring this to life, we wanted to show families who have had to cope with accepting a nontraditional family member and how this road to acceptance made their family even more loving and wholesome.