Johnsonville: We Don’t Make Sausage. We Make Family. And Sausage.

  • Johnsonville makes plenty of plump, delicious sausages for every occasion. And they think sausage is more than just sausage. It’s a bonding agent, just the type of hearty, filling, relaxed comfort food that turns strangers into friends, friends into family and family even family-er. That’s why at Johnsonville, they don’t make sausage. They make family. And sausage.

    As grilling season heated up, Droga5 launched our first campaign for the sausage maker with four TV spots exploring the crazy, unexpected ways Johnsonville makes family out of just about anyone. In the following months, we rolled out an app that makes it easier to gather the grilling family, a new way to celebrate Father’s Day, a grilling holiday of our own and a Chicago collaboration between Johnsonville, Uber and some Italian grandmas.

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  • Sausage Nonnas