Quilted Northern: uSit

  • Quilted Northern has spent more than 100 years painstakingly designing and perfecting a toilet paper that works well and doesn’t fail. All so consumers can have the best kind of bathroom trip: one they don’t remember.

    So how do you extol the virtues of a product that helps you forget your bathroom trips?

    Pretend to design a product that does the exact opposite.

    For April Fool’s Day 2017, we launched uSit, a new kind of wearable device designed to remember every detail of what you do in the bathroom. And like other activity trackers, it lets you share with friends, earn achievement badges, and start challenges through a game called “Battle Sits.”

    uSit’s launch was supported by a digital campaign, including a takeover of the Quilted Northern website, and an online video detailing uSit’s function and utility. Every aspect of the launch was treated with complete legitimacy: the product design, production, and language were all in line with a real consumer packaged goods launch.