The Y: Us

  • In 2016, the Y launched its first nationwide advertising campaign in history, with the slogan “For a better us.™” The campaign was designed to raise awareness about the Y’s work as one of the most impactful and long-standing charitable organizations in the country.

    In 2017, their community-building programs and services became even more relevant. There are fewer spaces than ever for people of different backgrounds to get to know each other. Technology is making us lonelier and trapping us in echo chambers. And the political and social climate has polarized and divided us. We’ve forgotten what it means to be “us.”

    So, for the second iteration of the “For a better us™” campaign, we decided to probe how important “us” is. The anthem film takes viewers on a journey that explores what the idea of “us” means in America, the ways in which our bonds are currently eroding, and how the Y can help make them whole again with safe places, community outreach, mentorship, volunteerism and more.