IMG Academy: Tomorrow is Ours

  • In March 2016, IMG Academy, a world-renowned school and athletic training destination in Bradenton, Florida, launched its first ever national campaign under the new banner, “Tomorrow is Ours.” The campaign aims to increase awareness of the Academy and continue to attract students throughout the world.

    “Tomorrow is Ours” focuses on the students enrolled at the IMG Academy – the next generation of leaders both on the field and off – showing that through their hard work and dedication they know that they’ll succeed. The campaign was inspired by the insight that the students idolized not just the best athletes in the world, but the athletes who had overcome obstacles and were known for their grit and hard work. Contrary to the narrative we so often hear in the media about this generation, these young athletes are the opposite of entitled, lazy kids who don’t want to work hard. We set out to show through that campaign that this generation values and idolizes those who put in the extra work and are self-motivated.

     Ultimately, the campaign shows the beauty and serenity of isolation in sports; the pride and beauty that comes with being the last one in the gym and the last one satisfied. Tomorrow is theirs.