Hennessy: The Piccards

  • In 1931, a Swiss physicist by the name of Auguste Piccard became the first man to reach the stratosphere. Nearly three decades later, in 1960, his son Jacques became the first to reach the ocean’s deepest point. This remarkable true story is the basis for Hennessy’s latest film, “The Piccards.”

    Directed by Daniel Wolfe, the film marks the fourth installment in Hennessy’s popular “Wild Rabbit” campaign. It is also the first to depict an intergenerational chase of the Wild Rabbit—the brand’s long-­running metaphor for internal drive and the relentless pursuit of excellence. Told in fresh, cinematic style, “The Piccards” reimagines the individual achievements of the two men as one continuous journey up—a surreal, adrenaline-spiked odyssey to the stratosphere and the deepest ocean depths.

    But at the core of the adventure is an incredible story about the bond between a father and son, the power of ambition and the will to achieve.In the spirit of the Piccards, the Hennessy brand continues to chase its own Wild Rabbit—the crafting of exceptional cognac. It is a tradition that has spanned seven generations and more than two centuries, but refuses to be satisfied. With its latest U.S. marketing push, it is one that continues to reach for astounding new heights.