NRG: #SmartEnergyRevolution

  • More than 10 years ago, people started to wonder how their food was made. This prompted the food industry to make some important changes. Today, we want people to start asking how their power is made, as we’re more dependent on energy than ever before. Yet, we take that power for granted, often mindlessly plugging-in without ever pausing to think about where the energy comes from — or how it’s created. So with leading energy provider NRG, Droga5 created a campaign to encourage people to think about the power behind the plug and turn the mindless act of plugging-in, into a mindful one.

  • NRG Solar

  • Can you imagine life as a photon? All the things it sees as it travels through space, the millions of miles it travels to get to Earth. But then what? What happens to it? Are we going to let all that effort go to waste? Photon takes you on the journey of a single photon of light from the sun, to a family home, with two possible scenarios; when watched together the message is clear, the power of the sun is here, and all we need to do is let it in.