Quilted Northern: Rustic Weave

  • What good is over 100 years of design if no one notices the details?

    With April Fool’s Day quickly approaching and an upcoming Quilted Northern product launch on the horizon, Droga5 saw a perfect opportunity in the brand’s often-overlooked contributions to toilet paper history. Quilted Northern’s Mega Roll would be introduced with a red herring, Quilted Northern Rustic Weave: an artisanal toilet paper that undid every innovation that Quilted Northern had brought to the category. It wouldn’t provide the comfortably forgettable bathroom experiences we know today—instead, it would make them memorable.

    The release of this 1-ply, splinter-filled, hand-perforated heritage toilet paper was treated like any real Georgia-Pacific launch. An internal email announced the new product to all the company’s employees. Mommy-blogger outreach, social media teaser posts, and even the official press release treated the launch of Rustic Weave with complete legitimacy. The packaging design, production, shoot and language were all in line with a real consumer packaged-goods launch.  The humor was delivered with a straight face, and wrapped up in an artisanal bow. At the end of April Fool’s Day, Quilted Northern reinforced their positive impact on the category with the real launch of the Mega Roll, which aims to give us more of the same comfortable—and completely forgettable—toilet paper.