Pizza Hut: Pie Tops

  • March Madness is America’s favorite basketball tournament. So we tapped into this moment in culture to remind America just how easy it is to order America’s favorite pizza, Pizza Hut.

    Introducing Pie Tops, from Pizza Hut. A revolutionary basketball shoe designed brought to life by Dominic Chambrone, AKA “The Shoe Surgeon.” Pie Tops allow the wearer to order their favorite Pizza Hut pizza at the press of a button hidden inside the tongue. The pizza is then delivered to wherever they’re standing. It’s that easy. Sixty-four pairs of the limited edition sneakers were produced, one for each of the 64 teams playing in March Madness.

    Within a week of launching, the Pie Tops had earned over a billion media impressions around the globe. All this lead to a special giveaway for the end of March Madness—the Final Four—where a select number of fans were able to win their own pairs.