Pizza Hut: No One OutPizzas The Hut

  • Americans are the biggest pizza fans in the world. And Pizza Hut works every day to feed that pizza fandom. They were the first to deliver pizza to the White House. The first to let you order pizza online. They were even the first pizza in space.  For over half a century, they’ve proved over and over again that “No One OutPizzas the Hut.”  But America needed a reminder.

    That’s why we found a uniquely qualified bunch of Hut Lovers to sing Pizza Hut’s praises—like a homesick alien convinced that any species brilliant enough to create the most innovative pizza in the solar system could easily figure out how to return him to his home planet, or a man who just survived a near-death experience, invigorated with a greater appreciation for all life has to offer, including a truly precious pizza pie. Or a singing snowman willing to melt into a puddle just for Pizza Hut pizza. With their help, we’re well on our way to turning a country full of pizza lovers into a country full of Pizza Hut lovers.