Clearasil: Let’s Be Clear

  • “Let’s Be Clear” is Clearasil’s first national campaign with Droga5 at the helm. The campaign debuted in July 2015 with a 30-second television spot entitled “Interruption.” The spot reassuringly highlights how most things don’t last forever—including acne. Or your mom barging into your bedroom totally unannounced. The 360-platform has been supported by a mix of broadcast, digital, PR, social, point of sale and influencer participation.

    In October 2015, Droga5 created a program called “Teacher Truths” where teachers put teen acne into perspective by sharing examples of things that really DO last forever. Our film showed some real teachers sharing their Teacher Truths and led to the #TeacherTruthsContest. The content gave teens a chance to enter to win a $5,000 scholarship from Clearasil if they submitted their teachers’ teacher truths on either Twitter or Instagram.

    The program was a humorous way to reassure teens about their acne. By giving real teachers a chance to offer self-deprecating, “real talk” reassurance, we created a movement that spoke to teens in an honest way that truly resonated with them.