Under Armour: It Comes From Below

  • Under Armour has quickly gained ground in the sports market as one of the top brands for both professional and aspiring athletes. But while many are aware of Under Armour’s training gear, knowledge of its footwear is another story.

    To change this, we did what Under Armour does best: instead of focusing on the flashy stuff that happens once you’ve made it, we told the true and emotional story of the hard work and fundamentals that get you there, drawing a parallel to the underdog narrative that seems to be dominating the MVPs across most sports at this moment. That’s what the “It Comes from Below” campaign is all about.

    As NFL MVP, Cam Newton is one of the most talked about figures in America. From his outrageous celebrations to his Super Bowl post-game interview, everything he is and does brings criticism.

    But as he and Under Armour know, the best way to answer haters is on the field. All the negativity and doubt around him only serves to fuel his determination. Through hard work and perseverance, he will overcome those who would hope to see him fail.

    To bring this campaign to life, we were inspired by a passage from Richard Adams’ classic children’s book, Watership Down—the tale of a rabbit who must use all the skills he possesses to save his people from destruction.

    The passage is narrated by Jackie Newton, Cam’s mother, who motivates her son to overcome the hate and doubt with his foot speed, agility and athleticism. Cam is the “Prince with a thousand enemies” who will “never be destroyed.”

  • Bryce Harper

  • When it comes to baseball, numbers are everything. No one knows this better than Bryce Harper: a player who came onto the scene with a Sports Illustrated cover praising his 570-foot home runs and hits of 95 miles per hour at the age of 16. We set out to tell the story of Bryce Harper’s ruthless determination in the face the numbers that put pressure on him every day. It’s a message to all ball players: in a world defined by numbers, you have to play on your own terms.