Chase: Freedom Unlimited

  • In April 2016, Chase launched its new Chase Freedom Unlimited card, which earns cardholders 1.5% unlimited cash back on everything they buy. Our challenge was to cleverly deliver a message about buying in a world that’s already saturated with sales pitches. So, we co-opted the world of selling itself.

    From commercials to billboards to digital ads and Instagram product placements, we subverted ads of all kinds to remind people they could earn 1.5% cash back on all the stuff they’re being sold. Our TV spots took over other brands’ commercials and let the audience know that they could get cash back on what those commercials were selling. Billboards called attention to what was being sold in the billboards around them. Pre-roll, radio and digital ads referenced the ads running before or after them and reminded people they could be getting cash back on whatever those other ads were selling.

    The self-referential campaign flips the world of selling on its head and it’s just getting started. More to come…