National Women's Law Center: Equal Payback Project

  • In October 2014, Droga5 launched the Equal Payback Project – a campaign to crowdfund the wage gap and rally millennial women to take charge of their financial fates.

    The campaign involved a crowdfunding website along with a hilarious, off-the-wall video featuring Sarah Silverman in which she takes drastic action to make sure she is entitled to the same pay as any man.

    The Equal Payback Project had an ambitious goal: raise $29,811,746,430,000 – the largest and most audacious of any online fundraising campaign in history. How we got this exorbitant number? The typical woman earns 78 cents to every man’s dollar. Over the course of a woman’s career, it adds up to a whopping $439,049 loss. If you add up these losses among the nearly 69 million working women who are working year-round for 40 years, the total comes to almost $30 trillion in lost wages.

    The campaign generated well over 1MM YouTube views and nearly 14MM total media impressions in its first week. Not to mention $100K for the client, the National Women’s Law Center, a leading non-profit advocating for equal pay.

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