Dixie: Dixie Deadzone Diners

  • For more than 90 years, Dixie has been there to bring people together for mealtime. But today, people are finding it harder and harder to detach from their phones during meals. So for summer 2016, Dixie wanted to do something to help people connect again—it took mealtime to places where our phones don’t work at all: cellular dead zones.

    So we hunted down service-less oases in Los Angeles and built three Dixie Deadzone Diners, pop-up restaurants in places with no cell service, each open for three days. We had a special press event night hosted by Carla Hall, noted restaurateur and cohost of ABC’s The Chew. The activation included a launch video, a website featuring Carla Hall’s recipes and content with BuzzFeed, including the story of one writer’s experience bringing a date to one of the Deadzone Diners.