Ancestry: Declaration Descendants

  • Understanding our past reveals and inspires truths that can re-shape the way we see both our present and future.That’s the foundation of Ancestry’s upcoming brand campaign. So this July 4th, we wanted to reveal that diversity isn’t just an American value—it’s quite literally in our DNA.

    We used Ancestry’s capabilities to find descendants of the original signers, and discovered a surprisingly diverse group of Americans. We then brought them all together to recreate John Trumbull’s iconic painting ‘Declaration of Independence’.  In doing so, we hoped to show that even though America looks a lot different than it did in 1776, the core of the Declaration’s message remains as relevant as ever.

    In addition to celebrating and illuminating both America’s history and its present-day diversity, the film is meant to illustrate that the incredible discoveries we find in our past can inspire our future, individually and collectively.

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