Clos19: Bring Them In

  • In November 2017, Clos19, Moët Hennessy’s new online lifestyle retail platform, offering access to exceptional services, products and experiences from the champagnes, wines and spirits “world” of LVMH, launched its first marketing campaign in the US, “Bring Them In.”

    Through strategic analysis of the broader champagnes, wines, spirits and experiences category, Droga5 discovered that this desire is at odds with the world of carefully crafted online personas and instant friendships conjured by right swipes on our phones, where little room is left to nurture real, time-tested friendships. As a brand that aims to inspire the art of hosting and intimate get-togethers between friends, Clos19 was perfectly positioned to address this unanswered need.

    The launch campaign is the celebration of this new paradigm. It exists for the deepest of friendships and elevates their shared moments with the most exceptional champagnes, wines, spirits and experiences. The campaign launches with a short film entitled “Bring Them In” made in collaboration with Academy Award–nominated filmmaker and artist Mike Mills. Roger Neill, the composer behind soundtracks such as Mills’s 20th Century Women and Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette, created the score for the film.