Under Armour: #BreakTheGame

  • Coming off 2015’s championship-winning, history-making MVP season, nobody realized just how much better Stephen Curry would be in 2015–2016. Not only did he shatter his own three-point record, but according to ESPN and The New York Times, he literally changed the game of basketball—and won his second MVP with the NBA’s first-ever unanimous decision.

    We were all caught a little off-guard, even the video game developers of NBA 2K16, as by mid-season, Curry was clearly out-performing his video-game self. So we convinced the developers to actually raise video-game Curry’s ratings for all 7 million weekly global players, in celebration of Curry’s winning the MVP. For 30 hours, he became the greatest shooter in NBA 2K’s 16-year history, and Curry fans across the world played with MVP Curry’s true skills for the very first time.

  • #BreakTheGame

  • In 2016, Stephen Curry put on a three-point shooting performance the likes of which the world has never seen, shattering his own previous NBA record while literally breaking the way the game is played. We had realized that the way people watch TV has changed—we all cruise social media on our phones while we watch TV—so we decided to turn every single three-pointer that Stephen makes during the Warriors’ 2016 playoffs run into its own Under Armour experience by tweeting a new three-second ad the moment the shot drops. In doing so, we created a second-screen experience to complement Stephen’s real-life performance in real time.