SheaMoisture: Break the Walls

  • There is an aisle in stores called the “beauty aisle.” Anyone with textured hair is often segregated to a different, less stocked and maintained section: the ethnic aisle. This division feels like the remnants of a by-gone era.

    SheaMoisture, a hair-care and beauty line made for all types of hair textures, thought it was time to change that. Known for years as the best kept secret for hair and body products within the African American community, more women have been turning to  the brand’s efficacious and natural ingredients as an alternative to more chemical-laden options.

    In April 2016, SheaMoisture further expanded their shelf space to the general beauty aisle as a way to make sure all types of beauty, including ethnic, were thought of, and recognized as beautiful. The brand believes everyone deserves to have accessibility to products that meet their hair needs.

    With “Break The Walls,” a powerful social film and TV commercial, Droga5 created a rallying cry to women with textured hair to celebrate the fact that together, they are breaking down the walls of the beauty industry, starting with the walls that separate the beauty aisle from the ethnic aisle.