Mondelez International: belVita

  • belVita breakfast biscuits are part of a complete breakfast that gives people steady energy to get through their morning. But they aren’t just for your typical morning person—they’re for all kinds of people. These little biscuits provide steady morning energy, whether you’re an underachiever, an overachiever, or part of the Cheevers family. They’re for people who love the outdoors, love the indoors, or just love doors. They’re for the hottest guy in the office and the second-hottest. Because we can all use steady morning energy.


  • British Businessman

  • When enjoyed as part of a complete breakfast, belVita Breakfast Biscuits provide you with steady energy for whatever you do in the morning—even if what you do is fake a British accent to seem smarter and get ahead at work.

    People with British accents sound smarter and seem more attractive. In fact, according to a recent survey, more than 57 percent of respondents said they’d give their phone number to a person hitting on them at a bar—if the person asked in a British accent. In this spot, we see a man putting on a fake British accent and using British-looking props to impress his boss and coworkers.

  • #MorningWin

  • To sustain momentum as the pioneer of the breakfast biscuit category in the U.S., belVita partnered with Droga5 on an integrated campaign to celebrate mornings. Through TV, radio, print and digital, the #MorningWin campaign encouraged people to congratulate themselves on simply getting through the morning with steady energy—courtesy of belVita.

  • Steady Energy