Android: be together. not the same.

  • With their “be together. not the same.” campaign, Android has brought together people of all shapes and sizes. Droga5 invited the animal kingdom and in turn, created the most shared ad of all time. “Friends Furever” is a celebration of unlikely animal friendships in all their adorable, quirky and sometimes bizarre glory. Because the only thing better than one cute animal – is two cute animals combining their talents to steal a s



  • Android: Rock, Paper, Scissors

  • Rock, paper, and scissors. They couldn’t be more different if they tried.

    But despite their differences, they belong together and have become one of the most iconic and beloved trios the world has ever known.

    For Android’s “be together. not the same,” campaign, we told the story of how these three unlikely friends, who are known for fighting each other, came together and used their differences for good.

    We all know that scissors beats paper and paper beats rock, but in this film, we see these differences being used to rescue each other from calamities. Ultimately, we see that when these totally different individuals come together, they will never be beaten.

    At a time when the world seems to be filled with so much hatred and tension between different people, countries and cultures, we hope this new take on a classic game reminds people about the power and beauty of being together—not the same.

  • Android: Monotune

  • A piano’s beauty comes, in part, from its 88 different keys. But what if they were all the same? We explored this question for Android’s “be together. not the same.” campaign by completely reengineering a piano and turning it into a one-of-a-kind instrument. The result is a visual, sonic experiment that reminds us of the things we often take for granted, and of how diversity is never more relevant than when you take it away.

  • Android Wear

  • Do you know what tutting is? It’s okay, neither did we until we set out to launch Android Wear. To celebrate the diversity of watches and the countless ways you can customize them to fit your style, Droga5 brought some of the world’s best hand and finger dancers together to demonstrate what it means to “be together. not the same.”