Dixie: Be More Here

  • Remember when we could share a meal without constantly checking our phones? Neither do we. So for our debut work for Dixie, we turned back the clock with #DarkForDinner, a campaign that challenged people to turn off their devices – just once a week at dinner – and focus on what really matters: each other. Dixie’s been removing the distractions of the dishes for decades, so it was only natural to remove one more.

    #DarkForDinner launched with a :30 national TV spot for which we filmed real groups of families and friends going “dark,” and the results were amazing – laughs, tears, love confessions, debates over the health benefits of sweating milk– and much more. To help people make it a weekly habit, we released weekly themed films ranging from “Romance” to “Fears” to “Would You Rather?” and teamed with influencers to spread the word.

    The campaign spread quickly across social media with people remembering what it’s like to truly connect, and set the stage for the release of Dixie’s new brand identity about the power of presence, “Be more here.”

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