Newcastle Brown Ale: Band of Brands

  • Last year, Newcastle Brown Ale showed the world what we would’ve made if we had $4.5 million to blow on a big game ad. This year, we devised a plan to get an ad in the game without paying $4.5 million: Newcastle’s Band of Brands. With 20 to 30 brands chipping, Newcastle crammed all the brands into one big game ad. We essentially sold ad space in Newcastle’s big game ad.

    Two weeks before the game, “Parks and Recreation” star Aubrey Plaza asked brands to join us in an online launch film. In the next week, over 400 brands responded, and Newcastle crammed as many as we could into the craziest, most jam-packed, most fiscally responsible big game ad ever, featuring a record 37 brands in 60 seconds.

    Band of Brands democratized big game advertising, leveling the playing field to give tiny businesses a chance to be seen on the largest marketing stage of all. Once again, we proved you don’t need big bucks to build big buzz. Football is a team sport. Now, marketing is too.

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