Nick Ljubicich: Editor

  • With a lasting and natural interest in the editing process, Nick joins Droga5 as a video editor, having worked most recently for R/GA’s Content Studio.

    A graduate of Ithaca College’s cinema and photography program, Nick has always gravitated to the post-production process, and has accrued experience cutting a broad variety of videos: documentary, fiction narrative, branded content and more. He started his career at TV Land, working in graphic design and social media. Later, as digital design lead on the Oscar-nominated documentary The Square, he was immersed in the power of new media storytelling on a global scale. In between and beforehand, Nick has assisted on a sports documentary, worked in a film studio marketing department and shadowed an independent film producer.

    A self-declared (and proud!) nerd, Nick could talk at length about how Ewoks are the bomb, or why Bioshock Infinite is so cool. He’s also a big fan of folk and rock music, but has an ever-expanding musical palate. Myth and legend surround his karaoke performance of “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” by Meatloaf, which performance has not been officially documented on any modern recording device. Nick is also a home brewer, a foodie and, perhaps most importantly of all, a dad-joke connoisseur.