You’re here for one of two reasons. Either you’re a bot archiving every cranny of personal information on the internet to create highly sophisticated human clones. Or you’re a creative thinker who hasn’t yet found a career that lets you do what you do best. Up to now, your outlet may have been poetry, filmmaking, art, photography, fashion design, sculpting, journalism, playwriting, game design or some other discipline the world doesn’t even know is out there yet.

We’re here because we want to give those creative skills a new home. Our industry is better when it’s filled with talented, curious people from different backgrounds. And those different backgrounds are hard to come by when graduate portfolio schools cost tens—if not hundreds—of thousands of dollars.

We can’t exactly replace two years of portfolio school in 10 weeks, but we’ve honed our version of a shortcut for you. Over the course of the program, we’ll teach you how to solve creative problems in an advertising context. First, you'll learn the rules of advertising from some of our agency's best creatives and creative directors. Then, we’ll work together to come up with interesting, unexpected ideas that serve as the foundation of an advertising portfolio.


D5in10 courses take place from 6-8:30pm on Wednesday evenings over 10 weeks, beginning March 13, 2024. The entire program is free of charge and will be held in-person at 120 Wall Street (Droga5’s office) in New York City. Applications are only open to those without any formal advertising education or training.


All candidates for the program must:

  • Be 18 years of age or older.
  • Reside in the US and be able to attend weekly classes in-person at Droga5’s office in New York. There will be no virtual/recording options available.
  • Have never attended a postgraduate portfolio school.
  • Not currently be employed by any competitor of Droga5 or other company considered to present a business conflict (at Droga5’s discretion).
  • No previous employment in advertising.

Interested in applying?

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Applications close on February 12th at 11:59pm.

120 Wall Street, 11th Floor
New York, NY 10005